Spinach Salad with Kale Chips

This Spinach salad is fantastic with Kale chips.As the organic spinach is on sale at Target right now, I picked up two clamshells the other day and thus we had salad again for dinner last night. With only a few cherry tomatoes from my mom’s garden and the rest of the blue cheese, though, it was looking kind of bare, so my wife suggested we throw in the rest of the leftover kale chips from the weekend. It was delicious!

The contrast in color (it was red kale) almost made it look like radicchio, and it gave great flavor and crunch to the spinach, which can be a rather boring taste if not seasoned well. With any luck we’ll go back tonight for more spinach, although I did pick up some organic romaine at the market yesterday. I went to the store without my wallet on Monday. Oops. Luckily as I was stopped in the middle of the street in front of my house trying to decide where to pick up my groceries I decided that the closest store would be best, so I was literally just a few blocks from home, and they held my two bags at the front while I went home for my cash.

In the past something like this would have totally humiliated me, but I think I took it pretty well in stride. The day kind of went downhill from there, but at least I picked up the following real foods, for under $20:

  • Pack of three organic romaine hearts.
  • Can of wild Alaskan salmon to make salmon cakes.
  • Three $1 packs of organic thyme, oregano and parsley to season the fish cakes (I have breadcrumbs at home, and if I don’t get to buy farm-fresh eggs this weekend I may try a substitute).
  • Sliced mozzarella cheese for sandwiches.
  • Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar snacking cheese.
  • Two cans of red kidney beans to make my favorite bean griddlecakes — although I’ve never used this bean before for this dish, I’m sure they’ll be as delicious as ever. But I really should get eggs for these too.
  • One bag long-grain brown rice — now that I know how to make brown rice in my rice cooker, this is a quick and easy side and is also great with a little garlic oil, cheese and leftover vegetables for lunch. This is a new favorite vegetarian option of mine!

So although the universe was trying to keep me from walking out the door without my wallet yesterday morning — we tried to go twice, but my son was hysterical in his car seat, so I took him out and we played for a while longer first — the fail turned into a save, because I only spent $20 for all those goodies.

Hopefully on the way home from work today I’ll be able to stop at Whole Foods to see if my almond butter, agave for the wife, Crofter’s, local honey and maple syrup are on sale. I’m kind of making do without all that for now, especially since I don’t have my favorite Great Harvest bread to enjoy with the almond butter/Crofter’s concoction, but it would feel like a very accomplished “staples” trip if I could pick them all up at once.

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