Fun with cupcakes!

It's quite easy to make delicious cupcakes.Yesterday we went out to my mom’s house for a visit and when we arrived, she had surprise for me!  My mom rocks. My surprise was a set of 3 of these:

Silicone cupcake cups in the shape of ice cream cones! Oh, the fun to be had! I got them home and searched for a place in my cabinets for them to live while I wondered to myself when I would get a chance to use them. So many things like this get bought, loved and put away only to be forgotten. That thought made me sad for the assorted shaped pans I have and forget about. So I thought, “What the heck–I’ll make them tomorrow!”

See, my son has been gone with his grandparents over the weekend, and what fun it would be for him to come home to fun new cupcakes! I was thinking about making these awesome sugar cookies but decided to leave them for another day.

I baked the cupcakes and waited for them to cool, only to discover that once you take them out they’re terribly top-heavy and do not stand on their own. What a shame! How would I ever decorate them? So. I got a couple of empty paper towel rolls and cut them in sections to create little stands for them.

They worked pretty well for the most part, but one of them just couldn’t handle the pressure of the job.

I put them all on my oldest, ugliest cookie sheet. I’ve come to terms with my ugly cookie sheets.

Anyway, I got them decorated and sprinkled and got the reaction I wanted from my son when he got home. His jaw hit the floor and he started drooling. Okay, not really. But he was pretty excited. It’s just too bad he’s stuck with a mean daddy who told him he had to wait until after dinner to eat one!

So, I moved them aside for the time being. Once we had our dinner, we dug into the cupcakes and they were all delicious!

Note to self: make cute cupcake stands out of paper towel rolls and pretty paper. And use pretty cookie sheet.

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