About Muncheese Burger

I can’t cook – a statement that I’ve also heard from many of my friends. But my wife is a fantastic cook. So we easily fell into an arrangement where she cooks and I do the dishes. But, as it turns out, that arrangement sucks.

Who wants to do the dishes every night after you have food coma? So to get out of always doing them, without really thinking, I said, “I’ll cook too”. The general response was either of laughter, fear, or disbelief. Up until then I only regularly made French toast or brownies (from pre-made brownie mix, which I’d eat out of the oven before it was done baking). So Amy wasn’t the only one to show less than total confidence in this idea.

To put it simply, I love a challenge. Especially when no one thinks you can do it. So not only have I set out to learn to cook, I’ve decided to try to learn as much as I can about food. And not just for taste, but for health (which, I’ve found, usually go hand in hand).

WARNING: once you start down this path, you will have a hard time enjoying a double quarter pounder with cheese anymore, or those big bags of donut holes you can get at rest stops, leave in your car, and find still not stale a week later. Just try and pop one of those suckers in your mouth after a few weeks of eating things like; raw milk cheddar cheese from a local farm where you can actually taste the grass the cow was eating (in such a good way, if you can imagine that). Or, organic strawberries that surpass your wildest strawberry dreams, or homemade roasted honey thyme beets that make you wonder why Magnolia doesn’t have some sort of a beet dessert (Amy thinks I’m going a little overboard with that one – but they are so good!)

Muncheeseburger is about transitioning from eating, to eating thoughtfully. For me, this has meant learning to cook, enjoying advice from friends and experts on the best ingredients (where to get them and how to use them), getting involved in and supporting local farming around NYC, and finally, chronicling the successes and inevitable struggles that accompany great changes.

Most importantly, this blog is a place to enjoy good food, and all that goes with it. This site is for family, friends, and anyone looking for company and motivation in learning to cook and eat healthily.